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Pinoy Viral Kid Went Abroad To Perform Beyonce’s Single Ladies

In Ellen show, they invited several kid sensations and prodigies in different part of the world to exhibit their unique talent. A Pinoy kid YouTube sensation, John “Balang” Bughaw uploaded his video dancing “Bang Bang” went viral and viewed over 12 million people all over the internet. On his previous visit at Ellen, he knock off the crowd with his dance moves. This chubby kid will leave you breathless in his epic dance moves and peculiarity.

And again he is back to Ellen to show his unconventional dance moves of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies”. In Philippines, he is a Zumba instructor. Once he taught Zumba, he’s been paid for $80 and bought a bicycle and use it for exercise. Balang is an active kid at home and doing well at school like any ordinary kid.

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