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After the death of Steve Jobs an App for Autism has been launched in the market industry and caught many people’s interest, especially the autistic. The impact of app supplement to therapy when it comes to learning and communication to autistic. Yet, the app has a disadvantages for kids if where is the best and [...]

In some instances in life of Filmmakers are obsess in capturing or filming interesting object that caught their attention. Quickly modern paraphernalia in filming improved to capture influential subject. The filmmaker Greg Krehel captures 15 varieties of cactus flower blooming in incredible time-lapse. It quickly shows the series of action from bud the flower blooms [...]

The world’s phenomenal largest cruise ship ‘Oasis Of The Seas’ that is five times larger than famous Titanic arrived at Port Everglades, Florida. It is delivered to its owner Royal Caribbean International; it cruise the Caribbean from Port Everglades in Port Lauderdale, Florida. It surpasses its sister-ship Allure Of The Seas. It has swimming pools [...]

Today’s modern society is constantly changing where the leading factor is fast trend or innovations of technology. Our society is far more different compared to one existed many years ago. We stick to what is new and reluctant to try. In this new inventions will truly help you in daily living. The first one invention [...]

Wonder how some of your favorite fashion items become famous and rock the world? Surely you knew something but here some of it that you would surely love to know. One of it is the Air Jordan, since it’s introduction into the sports market in 80’s the Air Jordan evolved to become a basketball shoes [...]

Despite of the vast desert in Israel and steep hillside, the difficult environment/weather and long drought can’t stop the Israeli to plant new trees to replace the dead ones. They plant very hardy trees to improve air quality and provide renewable fuel, using ‘usable’ land and water. The growing trees in Negev Desert of planting [...]

We get a new trend every time whether it is on fashion, gaming, or devices. Speaking of devices, most people are now using smartphones nowadays. Even if its a different shape, size, color, or feature, we spent most of our time scrolling, texting, calling or any of that stuff. Now, we are going to see [...]

There are many inventions that we need to discover. Some might help upgrade technology and make life easier. Some may be very dangerous and can destroy the economy. Others can be both at the same time. This time, we take a look at another invention. It is an aerial vehicle with fifty-four propellers attached on [...]

A volcano are mountain with an open mouth or what we call crater. Inside the crater is a hot liquid called magma that when it erupts, it will then be called lava. You are now going to witness a close up view of how a volcano spits out the magma inside. The people cannot get [...]

First let’s define if what is “Konapun” – it is a miniature of cooking that is famous in Japan. The food stuff that is not edible to eat because it is made of various powders. The cooking toys are made to be tiny. They created various steps in/of cooking process that as if to believe [...]