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This rumored smartphone made by one of the leading phone company Samsung, outstretched the previous design of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge. A few issues tells that this will gonna have the same feature of the 2 phones. Rumors suggest S7 will on,y have few changes of design and new 3D touch screen technology. But [...]

New technology exist and evolve so fast. Some became obsolete or company remodel the product such as smartphones and laptops. From education, medical technology and business industry, technology is one of the main asset and factor of organizations advantage. Because of globalization and innovation, organization needed to update for strong competition in the market and [...]

Uranium is very dense element and relatively weak, nonrefactory metal. Its metallic properties appeared to be in between the silver and other true metal and of those metallic elements. The major value of uranium is in the radioactive and fission properties of its isotopes. In nature almost all metals consists uranium-235 and this is only [...]

Smartphones evolve so fast last year 2015. Many company remodeled some old cellphones and invented a new one. But along with this smartphone, accessories is also a trend. Now Nezpaq is a popular Hong Kong startup and developer of modular cases for smartphone. They successfully raised almost $280, 0000 at kickstart last May 2015. After [...]

Ferrari 250 GTO was first built-in 1962 but Rod Tempero made incredible replica of this luxury-sport car. Rod building and restoring motorbikes, fire trucks and ambulances with his father. Since then, he started to rebuilt high-end race or fast cars from 1950s and 60s. And one of his work product in this new babe Ferrari [...]

If you want your multi-million cars, classic or vintage cars or paintings, wines or china wares you can keep it here in RoboVault. RoboVault is a high storage facility in Florida, automated the security and process through high-end computers. This “Fort Know storage” cost a million where only billionaires and Hollywood super listers can afford [...]

Japan’s Cocoa Motors. Incorporated invented a new modern transportation vehicle effortlessly in less worry about finding parking space and enough to fit your backpack. Walkcar is invented for personal transporter. It was a Japanese engineer who first developed a portable transporter that it is the first car in bag in the world. It is made [...]

Speaking of cooking, since ancient times people cook using fire. In modern days we use ovens, toaster, microwave or pressure cooker to cook foods but some of us can’t neglect the usual cooking process. Technology become the basic commodity where we rely all our living ways and routine. Modern inventors transformed the future cooking process. [...]

The man behind this brainy vehicle is Mark Ray, a 56-year-old designer of this quirky car. Mark converted the light aeroplane into a plane car, a fusion of a 2003 Cirrus SR22 and Chevrolet tracker that amount $10, 000. His 17-year-old daughter Brianna encourage him to build new toy as it seems his already bored [...]

Fourteen year old Kathryn DiMaria’s mind work like and think like an engineer. She prefer grease and old jeans to lipstick and high heels. She working to remodel and fixing a Pontiac Fiero to her won desire. She became interested buying cars and fixing when she was twelve years old. She paid the project herself [...]