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Meet Zeus McClurkin, 28, native rookie of Columbus, Ohio was always a life time fan of Ohio State University. The Harlem Globetrotters rookie is always a happy-go-lucky said his brother. When he was in high school, he play basketball, swimming, football, tennis and soccer. But the one and only sport he excel the most is [...]

The weather is bitter cold at Upper midwest area of US, especially in Minnesota. Rain or shine, hot or cold the Sunday’s Wild Card Game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings still on going. Die hard fans turn out to support and cheer their bet team. The weather was the hot topic beside [...]

Glory to the flirtatious waves of ocean that draws surfers like a hot babe. Mark Mathews will take us to a journey on how can we survive and thrive at Red Bull Cape Fear with renowned breath-hold trainer Nam Baldwin. he red Bull cape Fear is a surfing competition held locally in Sydney, Australia, on [...]

This 61 multinational skydivers team assembled into a finely shape diamond up in the sky to create the largest formation ever seen. They flew over Perris Valley, California carried by three aircraft at 13, 000 feet, where they jump and created the formation at 5, 500 feet. Smoothly descend above, these 61 skydivers breathtakingly formed [...]

As an individual, how often do you run? How long or how far you can go? Evolutionary biology professor Daniel Lieberman of Harvard University study some scientific backbone for Chris McDougall’s BORN TO RUN. He identifies some key elements on how to run better at long distances and free from injury. Running is one form [...]

Improving women’s right in Afghanistan with bike is one of the deep taboo remain in this country. They find it controversial, provocative, and immoral. Shannon Galpin, the founder of M2M or Mountain2Mountain non-governmental organization advocates to grant women’s rights in riding a bicycle. She said that the girls found riding a bicycle have been sling-shotted, [...]

This little girl joined the first Three Year Old Skating Competition of Ice Skating Institute (ISI). She was the first contestant who enter the ice rink. Wearing her blue dress like a Barbie doll come to life skating around lovingly. It seems that she only play and love what she do. Other people find it [...]

For a 3 years old and two months William, diving on a five feet swimming pool had no fear. It says the depth on the part he dived where his torpedo sunk and got it. At his age swimming might be a game but when he gets older than this he can excel in this [...]

Teahupoo is a world-class place for surfers where gigantic waves splashing in the coastline. Its is a place known for its heaviest wave where you can sit in a boat or in the shoreline to watch the view. It is normally bigger that any of the surroundings passes as teahupoo faces directly into Southwest groundswell. [...]

Yao Ming is a retired Chinese professional basketball player of NBA who played for Houston Rockets. He started to play on NBA for the Western Conference, NBA All-Star Game eight times. During his time he was the tallest active player, at 2.29 m or 7 ft 6 in. He was born in Shanghai, China and [...]