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If you are in between of suppose burning fight of someone that you recently meet, has asked if you can back him up; what will you do? Haha I find it funny but others who are a victim in this video might be angry and startled. Who would imagine you are walking silently or sitting [...]

  We are amazed by many spectacular magicians and illusionists. But now is your time to amaze one person: yourself.      Here are few magic tricks you can try yourself. You will surely be surprised by the results. Give it a try. Here is the video below:    Having fun yet? You can share this with [...]

Zombie’s figure has appeared many times in fantasy themed fiction and entertainment as early as the 1920’s novels. They look really scary on those movies. Some people want a zombie-look during Halloween Season which is very common together with the witch’s costumes. But what if you really meet them along the way? How intense will [...]

How would you react to a scene where the boy proposes his undying love to his girlfriend? Surely you will be in awe. That is such a sweet scene you cannot see everyday, right? What is best is when you see a man proposing a wedding to his girl, especially when it is done in [...]

To extend greetings, congratulations or celebration, most of us are doing with high five. It is a mean of hand gestures that is done through raising hand and slap palm against other person. And most usually, we don’t do it at people we don’t know especially those we get to meet at corridors. But if [...]

Some of us surely feel thirsty after strolling around the mall and seeing a water dispenser with potable water is a relief. You’ll surely rush to it as quick as you can and have a refreshing drink. But what if what you thought is a clean water contains a filthy animal? Here is a funny [...]

Little girls truly enjoy every playtime when they have their dolls which they can change the clothes, comb and pin the hair with the style they want, and put glamorous accessories. They have fun every tea time wherein they talk and laugh with those adorable toys. But not all dolls seem to be adorable just [...]