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Ahmed is a die-hard of One Direction Band. He bought all series albums of the band and when he goes to movies, he would take pictures to their cut outs. He had all their albums and memorize their songs. Recently, he joined a radio show to win a sold out tickets for 2014 concert. He [...]

Take a look at this new hilarious adventure with Ellen. Driving on a tour bus of Starline, Ellen overtakes the microphone and give a less than informative tour to the guest. They drive along the road of Los Angeles, the city of dreams in USA. The tour group have different reactions and comment. They don’t [...]

Here we are again, Ellen wants to have fun and inside she is the author behind the scenes. She sent her writers, Kevin and Lauren to Designer Shoe Warehouse entertaining customers. Telling them her crazy shenanigans determine to hunt down people to pulled he prank. The video shot entirely inside the shop where the cameras [...]

A new trivia for Ellen pranks hit on the road. Her prank reaches Starbucks which involved an employee named Vivian. As usual an earphone implanted on Vivian’s ear which Ellen will tell her what to do and repeat it. One of the funniest part when Ellen told her, “Can I take your name please? Did [...]

If their would be a biggest problem a parent could ever get from their children is to be burdened with unwanted pregnancy. We can’t handle a situation like this when moms went hysterics and don’t know what to do, whether to cry or get angry. We can see an example in this prank the Arab [...]

Here we are again laughing out loud to the max, aching jaw and stomach ache. Have you heard of the phrase, ‘Make fun to drunk but not to newly awake’? I bet you did. When I watch this compiled video I can’t stop myself to laugh because of different reactions the people ‘show. The other [...]

Rolling up and down that’s how the escalator works where people pass through from different level of a building aside from elevator or lift we call. I tripped in an escalator before that many people around the shopping mall look at me sympathize and the others laughed at me. I know how embarrassing it sound [...]

It’s natural for a couple to have fun with each other, taunting and teasing goes around. Boyfriend is on the subject and the girlfriend is on the hunt of shenanigan tricks to victimize her lover. To get her revenge she needs to put on some tricks like her boyfriend did to her. A fair square [...]

Epic Failed On Toilet Prank

Have you ever done prank before on a toilet? Sound not good right? Here in this video a shenanigan guy make a fun of the people inside the toilet by taking some pictures. Haha some men get angry and said they will call a police. It likes he can be caught in the middle of [...]

Have you heard of the famous act Ice bucket Challenge? I know you do. For a review Ice Bucket Challenge is an activity of pouring of ice water on someone’s head to promote awareness of the diseases amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and encourage donations to research. Recently it went viral across the globe of social networking [...]