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Music had all the taste of different ages. Age doesn’t matter when anyone play music. In Japan, there is an oldest group of men play jazz. The oldest band is Golden senior Trio, consist of three active members aged 78, 81 and 89 years old. Japanese people are known to be one of the oldest [...]

Having problems even washing your hair? Here’s a remedy for that. Washing your hair have the right process as well, especially the strands that are breakage. Just washing will have a tremendous impact on your bouncy and brilliant hair to look perfect. In order for your hair to look healthy, it requires proper maintenance and [...]

In every meal we eat contains a lot of nutrients that helps our body’s building blocks. Yet in that food you ate, some of them are highly aging you so fast. If the foods that you take filled of vegetable oils, margarine, junk foods, red meats, white bread or sugar can cause chronic inflammation. You [...]

We often eat in restaurants rather than we cook. Right? This routine goes easy and fast for a busy workers like you. But do you know that this super cheesy Buffalo Blast is a well-known signature dishes of famous chef of Cheesecake factory’s Restaurant. This decadent and delicious cheesecakes is need an expert to prepare [...]

This serial title holder in Mumbai, India, Dinesh Upadhyaya broke his own previous record for the Most Lit Candles in the mouth. Stuffing it with flaming candles and holding them in 30 seconds without any support from his hands or other body parts. He held this record-breaking last November 10, 2015. His previous record was [...]

If some children prefer to play with their playmates and go to school, Kajol Khan, 8-year-old girl from Ghatampur, Uttar Pradesh, India is different. She favors to play with her 6 best friends King Cobra. She also doesn’t want to go to school but love to catch snakes like her father. Fearlessly, Kajol spent most [...]

The Yuletide Season has just past and the people in Chengannur, India made an incredible record-breaking of the Largest Human Christmas Tree last December 19, 2015 before the Christmas arrive. The Human Christmas Tree was composed 4, 030 participated to make the giant tree and it was made by Mission Chengannur and Sobhana George. The [...]

My oh, my! So hot and fearless. This Super chef uses his bare hands cooking fried chicken by dipping into boiling oil. Meet Khan Trichan, 50, from Chiang Mai., Thailand, a world record holder. He cook without blisters and standing still. He buries his hands into a boiling fat and sieve fried chicken with his [...]

Women love to look sexy and beautiful everyday. Wanted look incredible you ever been in life. It is no secret that women engaged into extreme to achieve perfection: cash diets, intense work out, serious cleanses and dramatic treatment to fix every problem spot. We have a remedy to that. In order for you (women) to [...]

Some users of YouTube become a viral sensation all over the world once a single video uploaded and attract the attention of viewers and gain a million views. Ellen’s talk show had been inviting YouTube celebrity for so long and here another one. Dylan Barnes, 7, from Orland, Arkansas who loves Taylor Swift and dancing. [...]