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A video went viral approximately 22 million views, in one of Jessie Jay famous song Flashlight duet with Tom Bleasby from England. Tom posted a hash tag if only Ellen Show can see his awesome video. The show cannot be aired on the country so, he watch Ellen Show over Internet. He love to sing [...]

Stunning performance of 20 years old Andrea Faustini at X Factor makes the female judge cry. He sang the song “I Don’t Know My Own Strength” by Legendary singer Whitney Houston. Stating that singing the song define his character that he didn’t know his own strength. The lyrics all about himself. he didn’t know he [...]

Everything comes within person is from our mind. Decisions, choices, mistakes, regret or planning or even the experiences all are programmed inside in there, all these demonstrates the power of your mind. The fact what is going on inside your head has a huge impact on what you’ll gonna do. Sometimes, people make bad decision [...]

As we age, we have wrong turns, wrong choices, falling in love at the wrong time and made mistakes that we regret in the end. Who among of us never experience shame? Few in our mistakes made us regret time and time again in remembering why we did it. Mistake is a part of human [...]

First let me define vulnerability, it is a character of a person easily hurt or harmed mentally, physically or emotionally. Anyway, who among of us wanted to be vulnerable? Nobody does, isn’t it? We wanted to be strong and competitive in this life. To be accepted, be love and to love.Some causes of vulnerability are [...]

Richard Sowa is a British artist that created an artificial island in the middle of a river. He’s very first island was destroyed by a hurricane in the year 2005 and a replacement for the island has been open for tours in 2008. The Isla Mujeres is 20 meter (66 ft) in diameter and expanded [...]

Child prodigies had been source of great fascination filled of peculiar talents, genius, and unusual ability they possess. A wonder what a talent can reside in a young body of Jacob Barnett, a 13-year-old math and science enthusiast who might be one day challenge one theory of physics. What is in Jacob that at the [...]

This young man is an aspiring engineer on his age 15. He is the youngest of five children. Due to the electricity problems in Sierra Leone, he made his own battery, to power lights in people’s houses. He is also known as DJ Focus. He taught himself engineering at the age of thirteen and building [...]

At the age of 3, Brianna got her first violin at 1/16 size given by her parents. They discovered her talent for classical music. She began to explore her talent as a student at a local conservatory of music. She was classically trained using modifies Suzuki methodology, Brianna stunned her audience by flawlessly performing her [...]

Thomas Mitchel is a teenage guy of 18 joined Americas Got Talent, performing his own composed song entitled “My Life” dedicated to his late dad. Singing his song captivates the audience plus factor his calm voice. But behind the voice is a heartbreaking story. When he was little he learn to play guitar and escape [...]