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Some blessed people in wealth share their piece of good fortune. Sharing and being kind towards others is a beautiful feeling that cannot be bought of money. But not just being rich you can help others but anyone could do it. Of all the people in district town of Tenderloin, San Francisco there was a [...]

Have you had something precious to you that barely let it go? You always carry it with you around. Meet McKenzy, a three-year old kid lost her most beloved stuffed giraffe which she call it “Raffy”. This angelic daughter of army staff Sgt. Nicolas Paugam carry her toy everywhere. From grocery shopping to her sleep [...]

There are nearly 200 types of dwarfism and the smallest most proportionate one are called Primordial Dwarf. It estimated a hundred of primordial dwarf in the world and 40 among them lived in US. They are so small, that all their body parts are proportionate according to their size even their heart and lungs. It [...]

Everyone had their own fear and pain. Some people can’t express themselves to the public because they are afraid of criticism, prejudice and to be hurt. Individual build their own world where they can feel comfort and security. Buildings walls to detach themselves to the real world. Meet Anna Clendening, 20, a native of Chapel [...]

Christmas season is filled of surprises of presents or gifts to someone who you love and admire. For such a hardworking person like Megan Bentley, a second grade teacher at Frederic Douglas Elementary School, Leesburg, Virginia is worth to surprise due to her hard work, care, love, gentleness and generosity to the children she currently [...]

Cesar Sant, 6 year-old boy who love to play violin with an incredible talent and love to solve math problems, can even speak 7 languages and a Karate kid which he earned a black stripe belt. He suffered three acute cerebrovascular accident due to sickle-cell anemia.On his third, late June 2014, it left him ill [...]

Talking about love, nothing can stop it even bullet trains. When a couple fell in love, sometimes it is against all odds just like this sweet couple. Meet Mindie Kniss,36, fell in love to her husband Sean Stephenson, 35, who was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or a Brittle Bone Disorder. They were married in September [...]

We are now in month of December where Yuletide season is getting nearer. People have wish lists of gifts to attain for special someone, to friends, mother and father. Buying personal gifts for yourself like new smartphones, clothing or shoes. If you have given a wish this Christmas, what would it be? Likewise, these less [...]

December is approaching and Christmas is in the air. Stores are busy for shoppers and kids can’t wait to have their gifts from the people they love. Many are excited about this special holiday such as wives, husbands, children, grandfather and mother, aunt and uncle, lastly godmothers and fathers. Everyone. But what is the essence [...]

Myles Eckert an 8-year-old boy found a $20 bill in a parking lot and gave it to an Air Force soldier having lunch in a restaurant with is family in Toledo, Ohio. He gave to the soldier as a thank you for his service. Lt. Col. Frank Dailey can’t believe the honor recently bestowed upon [...]