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Wipeout is a very famous game show in which contestants competed in what was billed as the world’s largest obstacle course. In 2009, Wipeout became the third most popular game show in the world, based on ratings. The player’s are testing based on their strength, agility and speed. The challenge is where the player undergone [...]

This two cuddly, cute twin babies have a fight over a toothbrush. They are Evelyn And Juliette. I can’t figure out if which is Evelyn or Juliette but one would like to have the brush their mother gave them. Ain’t they adorable? All babies are adorable and sweet when they laugh or cry. Especially the [...]

Here we are again laughing out loud to the max, aching jaw and stomach ache. Have you heard of the phrase, ‘Make fun to drunk but not to newly awake’? I bet you did. When I watch this compiled video I can’t stop myself to laugh because of different reactions the people ‘show. The other [...]

Talent is talent. In X Factor so many people show and shared their talent. Some inspired, failed, make the panel and audience cry by their touching story or voices that comes deep within their heart. Dennyo Eden is one of them. Singing the song “If I were a boy” by Beyonce touch the crowd showing [...]

When it comes to a family bonding parents and children are always excited. Children are hyper to go on a field trip or any adventure to have fun together with the family. There is nothing can compare between the bonding between a parent and children. On this video, the siblings are cheerful on the slide [...]

Hail the game football in Europe. Everyone love to watch this game shouting loud when the favorite team player took a goal. Fans set trail in every game that it becomes popular game. But this football game had a funny moment when a marten emerge from nowhere running around the football field. It stopped the [...]

A very original of your own fancy wedding, traditional to the simple thematic. Wedding for all is a traditional ceremony for a long life commitment. We have our own ideal place, cakes, gowns with a matching tux and a special moment between the bride and groom. Jared made his special wedding vow to his to [...]

It’s natural for a couple to have fun with each other, taunting and teasing goes around. Boyfriend is on the subject and the girlfriend is on the hunt of shenanigan tricks to victimize her lover. To get her revenge she needs to put on some tricks like her boyfriend did to her. A fair square [...]

Many unfortunate events occur unintentionally and usually results harm and injury. Doing your hobbies and playing along with your friends is very fun for spending your precious time on them and even in a common situation accident arise. Somehow, unfortunate events turn out to be funny. On the first place you will feel pain, your [...]

If we’re going to re imagine the Princes for real that always the favorite of all times in bed time stories, we would probably find them awesome. They could be pretty hunk and sexy. The real gentlemen mostly think by women who wanted them as Prince Charming. Basing on the character of each prince were [...]