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In Ellen show, they invited several kid sensations and prodigies in different part of the world to exhibit their unique talent. A Pinoy kid YouTube sensation, John “Balang” Bughaw uploaded his video dancing “Bang Bang” went viral and viewed over 12 million people all over the internet. On his previous visit at Ellen, he knock [...]

This collection of images in Ellen Show feature “What’s Wrong With These Photos?” is so funny. They are sent from different viewers who love to watch Ellen Show at night. They are not botched job of Photoshop or any image editors. They are merely captured candidly and never thought the outcome. In public eye they [...]

This two adorable kids become famous in YouTube in uploading their videos trick or treat candies collected during Halloween. Jimmy Kimmel check them out again after two years if how are they. CJ and Jake who was 3 and 9 years old before visited Jimmy Kimmel show before. Their video went viral after their mother [...]

Ellen cannot imagine herself inside an elevator, she can’t stand it if how long. A tragic event like you will be stuck in elevator, nobody will like or want it. I can guess why. I can say, I could be suffocating and heart alarming especially if you are alone inside. It can be fine if [...]

Jackie Chan is a famous stuntman, director, philanthropist, actor, singer and director. He direct his own movie with his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, used of improvise weapons when he perform. He has been acting since 19960s and appeared in over 150 films. Anyway, for a long time Ellen meets Jackie. For ac actor, Jackie [...]

Dogs is mans best friend, commonly the other people say. Generally, dogs stays at home and guarding it, also playing with the owner. But anther story will tell you how this rescue dogs saving the lives of veterans struggling with PTSD. PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder an illness the soldiers suffer. K9s for Warriors [...]

In one of the worlds delicious and most enjoyed fruit is Apricot. A fresh orange-colored fruit that is filled of beta carotene and fiber. This can be eaten dried, cooked into pastry and eaten as jam. It has an essential oil that is sold in the market. Apricot is rich in antioxidants like flavonoids, ferulic [...]

Are you an avid drinker of water every morning? Here’s additional facts that will help you about your daily habit. Did you know that drinking lemon water with lemon will help you to reduce the inflammation of your body, help you to lose weight, relieve symptoms of indigestion such as burping and bloating. It will [...]

Stereotypes is a fixed, over generalized belief about a particular group or class of people defined by Cardwell (1996). We often define a group of people to have the same character towards in culture, ethnic groups and races that is where the stereotypes exist. Meeting new person in a new place we simplify that the [...]

When it comes to talent this funny chubby mom named Panda, she’s a dropped dead singer. She amazed the judges when she sing, giving them a goose bumps with her interesting voice. We couldn’t judge the way she look, all that it takes is her talent that build inside her. She’s even happy about her [...]