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The vast majority of New Guinea Island forest’s wilderness has no road access, wall of steep slopes and ridges from one valley to another, contained an extraordinary birds to be seen. Evolutionary Biologist Edwin Scholes and field Biologist and National Geographic photographer Tim Laman set out to complete the expedition of studying the 39 miraculous [...]

This noticeable clown-faced woodpecker of Carmel Valley, California is remarkably intelligent when it comes to food storage. They maintain and protect granaries in which thousands of acorns are stored in holes drilled tree trunks. In a study, a single tree contained more than 50, 000 acorn storage holes. Acorn woodpeckers engaging in a behavior called [...]

It most cases two different kind of animals doesn’t mingle together. It rarely to be seen in this nature when both become friends. Dogs and cats at home sometimes are enemies if not friends. However, elephant and giraffe are surprisingly best of friends and become inseparable with each other. The magical friendship started after Kiko, [...]

Orangutans are endangered and possibly only 45, 000 were left in the wilds of Malaysia. This two adorable monkey were rescued several months ago from an oil farm plantation which threaten their survival. And undergone treatment to regain their health and strength once they are release back to forest. In Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre where [...]

If you think we are intelligent, think again. According to National Geographic, rare specie of animals are known to be wise and intelligent. If there is hardworking and friendliest animals, these lists of animals are considered to be the smartest. When it comes to bird, crows are the subject themes by Edgar Allan Poe. They [...]

Lions known to be a fierce predator on land. No kind of animals can defeat him especially in its territory. This predator waiting for minutes to hunt down the their prey. In a flashy second, the swiftly running deer up the ridge launched mid-air by two lioness. They take-down the one and the other escape. [...]

Oliver a poodle and crossbreed retriever become famous in Instagram posing his fashionable human outfits. Having over 53, 000 followers who love him in his every pose. Really looks adorable. He is from Bryson City, North Carolina and his owner Breanna Wright, 26, dresses him in funny fancy outfits. According to Breanna, Oliver like to [...]

This creepy animal specie has a mystery that others don’t know why they land upside down and not standing like any other flying animals. Hanging up a tree or caves is one of the remarkable stunts they could do. Flitting into some nook or hollow, the winged mammal can flip itself over and come weight. [...]

In Chennai , India there’s a famous man called Birdman. His name is Sekar. He feeds the 4,000 birds twice a day for ten years using his personal income in spending food for the wild birds. He rises at four o’clock in the morning to prepare the meal for his wild feathered pets when they [...]

We know that turtle tend to be the slowest animal walk on earth. Like the famous story of The Monkey and The Turtle when I was in elementary, I was surprise how persistent and clever turtles are. In term of fastest surely they are defeated by rabbit. But this unusual turtle make another story. They [...]