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Music had all the taste of different ages. Age doesn’t matter when anyone play music. In Japan, there is an oldest group of men play jazz. The oldest band is Golden senior Trio, consist of three active members aged 78, 81 and 89 years old. Japanese people are known to be one of the oldest [...]

Some blessed people in wealth share their piece of good fortune. Sharing and being kind towards others is a beautiful feeling that cannot be bought of money. But not just being rich you can help others but anyone could do it. Of all the people in district town of Tenderloin, San Francisco there was a [...]

Having problems even washing your hair? Here’s a remedy for that. Washing your hair have the right process as well, especially the strands that are breakage. Just washing will have a tremendous impact on your bouncy and brilliant hair to look perfect. In order for your hair to look healthy, it requires proper maintenance and [...]

In every meal we eat contains a lot of nutrients that helps our body’s building blocks. Yet in that food you ate, some of them are highly aging you so fast. If the foods that you take filled of vegetable oils, margarine, junk foods, red meats, white bread or sugar can cause chronic inflammation. You [...]

This rumored smartphone made by one of the leading phone company Samsung, outstretched the previous design of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge. A few issues tells that this will gonna have the same feature of the 2 phones. Rumors suggest S7 will on,y have few changes of design and new 3D touch screen technology. But [...]

We often eat in restaurants rather than we cook. Right? This routine goes easy and fast for a busy workers like you. But do you know that this super cheesy Buffalo Blast is a well-known signature dishes of famous chef of Cheesecake factory’s Restaurant. This decadent and delicious cheesecakes is need an expert to prepare [...]

New technology exist and evolve so fast. Some became obsolete or company remodel the product such as smartphones and laptops. From education, medical technology and business industry, technology is one of the main asset and factor of organizations advantage. Because of globalization and innovation, organization needed to update for strong competition in the market and [...]

Uranium is very dense element and relatively weak, nonrefactory metal. Its metallic properties appeared to be in between the silver and other true metal and of those metallic elements. The major value of uranium is in the radioactive and fission properties of its isotopes. In nature almost all metals consists uranium-235 and this is only [...]

Ahmed is a die-hard of One Direction Band. He bought all series albums of the band and when he goes to movies, he would take pictures to their cut outs. He had all their albums and memorize their songs. Recently, he joined a radio show to win a sold out tickets for 2014 concert. He [...]

Have you had something precious to you that barely let it go? You always carry it with you around. Meet McKenzy, a three-year old kid lost her most beloved stuffed giraffe which she call it “Raffy”. This angelic daughter of army staff Sgt. Nicolas Paugam carry her toy everywhere. From grocery shopping to her sleep [...]