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This Impressive Woodpecker Stored Thousands Of Acorn In A Drilled Tree Trunk Using Their Beak for Future Consumption

This noticeable clown-faced woodpecker of Carmel Valley, California is remarkably intelligent when it comes to food storage. They maintain and protect granaries in which thousands of acorns are stored in holes drilled tree trunks. In a study, a single tree contained more than 50, 000 acorn storage holes. Acorn woodpeckers engaging in a behavior called “horning”. they collect far more food for the coming winter by pecking in dead trees and stuffing them of acorn.

An old tree has been transformed into a storage site for one extended family of Acorn Woodpeckers. A granaries of acorn pecked into 10, 000 holes, they can collect 100 acorn a day and fully gathered one in each flight. Woodpeckers can fly 12 miles a day in gathering acorn alone, then the acorn is pounded into the hole. If it doesn’t fit, they throw it away. The annoying squirrels are always on look-out to attack the tree if nobody’s around. They just let the bird gathered more acorn and just waiting to still them.

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