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A Gem For Such A Bird: Colorful Wilson’s Bird-Of-Paradise

This eccentric type of bird belongs to family of Paradisaeidae of the order Passeriformes. It is commonly found in eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and eastern Australia. This bird is known to its plumage of the males of the lascivious dimorphic species. Specifically, Wilson’s bird-of-paradise had a fantastic combination of colors which highly elongated and elaborate feathers extended from beak, wings, tail to head.

They are most confines to a dense rainforest habitat. They eat fruits and less arthropods. They have caved and two wire-like tail feathers curving outward that anyone can find them very unique. A the top of their head is bare and has a cross of Christ pattern. The birds-of-paradise have a variety of breeding systems, ranging from monogamy to lek-type polygamy. Some of the species are endangered due hunting and habitat loss.

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