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Here Is A Proof That Animals Also Take Their Own Lives

Researchers and animal experts had been debating about the animals’ consciousness about taking their own lives. Some agree that animals are capable of doing things to end their lives after witnessing their fellow’s end or after undergoing in unfortunate circumstances, while some say that those are mere coincidences. But here is a series of photographs that seems to prove that the first mentioned idea is correct.

A Chinese woman captured images of this swan who stuck its head into the water after being distressed of its mother’s end. The older swan might have died due to old age or because of the dropping temperature. At first, the woman saw that the young swan flaps its wings and seems to be very unease. As its commotion stopped, she saw that its head was in the water and it was already lifeless.

Others present some incidents that are similar to this such as a dog throwing itself into the water and other birds committing such similar acts.

Source Credit: World News & EveryThing AbouT Life
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