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Believe It Or Not This Man Lives With Wolves And Adopting Wolf Pups

The man behind living with these pack of wolves is no other than the “The Real Life Wolf Man” Shaun Ellis, 47, from NOrth Devon, England. He is an animal researcher that he is notable for living with wolves and adopting a pack of abandoned North American timber wolf pups. Shaun devoted his life to eating, sleeping and living with the wolves plus his dedication to be like them. He rarely washed and only eat meat and often slept in muddy enclosure with his wolf friends.

He is the founder of Wolf Pack management and involved in several research projects in Poland and at Yellow National park in the US. At young age he began to observed wild animals and learning to use his sense of smell and sound to find his way at night when studying foxes and badgers. Ellis first trained to be a gamekeeper and then joined and served with Royal marines. After he left Marines he engaged himself into research filed and contacted American biologist, Levi Holt. They began spending their month living with wolves at the Wolf Education and Research Center on Nez Perce tribal lands in northern Idaho. And after meeting Isla, 34, his wife. They met at a friend’s house and the couple of hit it off and wed in native American last September. Shaun shared his hobby to Isla and lived with wolves too.

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