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This Unbelievable Lyrebird Can Imitate 20 Other Bird Sound Impressively Lure The Female

This songbird does not simply look beautiful but have superb character in mimicking other bird species noises in making the remix. Lyrebird is considered one of Australia’s best-known bird, featured in their 10 cent coin. Famed from their dramatic courtship display, this bird lure female to be his mate. It use their powerful legs and claws to rake litter for worms, grubs and insects. Their tails are the same shape of lyre which the feathers were very important part in courtship. Feather and voice come together, when they bring their tail over their head, vibrating it as they sing and dance.

They sing most of the winter which it is the season of breeding. When they sing,they proclaim territory and to attract female. Like other birds, lyrebird are vocal learners. It is the male learn the songs and surprisingly mimic other sounds, from older males than directly from their mimicked models.

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