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Learn How Two Male Greater Birds-Of-Paradise Display Their Courtship To Females

Birds-of-Paradise is a project of Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The birds-of paradise is one of the most beautiful creatures ever discovered on earth, having an extraordinary adaptation and color for such a bird. Greater birds-of-paradise display their way of courtship towards female birds in showing the colors of their feathers, sounds and motion that make them remarkable. Carolus Linnaeus named this species Paradisae apoda or “legless bird-of-paradise”, because they early trade skins to reach Europe were prepared without wings or feet by natives.

The male measured up to 43 cm (17 inch) excluding the twin tail wires. Females are smaller, measured only 35 cm (14 inch). The male has an iridescent green face and a yellow glossed with silver iridescence crown, head and nape. The rest of the body is marron-brown and their flumes is used to display in courtship is color yellow at the base, turning white and streaked to maroon. In courtship display male show their bright colors to attract female.

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