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Amazing Turtle A Record Holder Of Fastest Tortoise In Guinness Book Of World Record

We know that turtle tend to be the slowest animal walk on earth. Like the famous story of The Monkey and The Turtle when I was in elementary, I was surprise how persistent and clever turtles are. In term of fastest surely they are defeated by rabbit. But this unusual turtle make another story. They may not be known for being fast but Bertie, the name of this tortoise is the equivalent of Usain Bolt. At his home in Adventure Valley, Bertie sprinted over a 5.48 m course set at a gradient of 1:12 in a speedy 19.59 seconds.

Currently he was the fastest tortoise in the planet existed. During his record-breaking run, he reached unbelievable speed of 0.28 m/s defeating the previous record 0.123 m/s of Charlie, the UK title holder since 1977 which has been unchallenged.

Guinness World Record

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