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For This Cat, Christmas Is Never Merry With This Creepy Tree

This cat thinks that something is wrong with this Christmas tree and out of its suspicion, it gets a real surprise. How the cat acted like is a bit usual for animals. At times, they tend to be very curious of some things that makes them look funny.

These two cats are resting on the floor with a nearby electric Christmas tree. The cat lying on the floor mat does not mind the Christmas ornament but the other one thinks that it is very odd. So it stares at the tree and examines it very well. It walks around the tree while it smells and touches it. When the cat reaches the top, the tree moves and speaks all of a sudden making both cats jerk and run for their lives.

The cat’s instinct that something is wrong with that tree is indeed correct. Starting that moment, the cat might have thought that Christmas trees are not good as ornaments for the holiday season as these are a bit creepy.

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