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A Touching Story of A Loving Indian Man Feeds 4,000 Birds Per Day Using His 40% Income

In Chennai , India there’s a famous man called Birdman. His name is Sekar. He feeds the 4,000 birds twice a day for ten years using his personal income in spending food for the wild birds. He rises at four o’clock in the morning to prepare the meal for his wild feathered pets when they arrive at six o’clock. Having no family, his life revolves around these birds he said. He moved in Chennai 25 years ago and established his camera repair shop. After the indecent of tsunami that brought two parakeet in his house and multiplied to thousands after few days that he can’t count.

He needed 60 kilograms of food per day to suffice the flock of birds that costs 500 Rupees. He also nurses injured birds back to help that made him known as India’s Birdman. Everyday feeding the birds is a majestic view of Chennai Street that awes the crowd where this birds flocking Sekar’s home. Sekar’s committed himself to continue looking after his wild friends even it becomes harder as he gets older.

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