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In A Slow Process This Two Cute Baby Sloths Are Trying To Learn On How To Climb Using An Old Rocking Chair

Zoologist, photographer, writer and journalist Lucy Cooke filmed the sloths at wildlife center of Toucan Rescue Ranch during her visit, where they teach the two orphans to climb using a rocking chair. The animals have charmed that anyone can fall in love on them even the zoologist cannot explain it. The sloths can learn on how to climb by scaling and then swinging from the back of the chair as the swaying motion similar to a tree. Sloths are orphaned without knowing their mother where, zoologist Lucy said the mother might be caught or captured by dogs.

It may be a slow process in teaching on how to climb but a group of baby sloths have learned to climb. Lucy, who has been the ‘Spielberg’ of sloth documentaries, has released a calendar dedicated to the super cute mammals.

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