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Have A Glimpse On How This Adorable Baby Bear Learn How Ride A Surfboard

Carl Bovard, 43, the owner of Single Vision, Inc., Melrose, Florida a non-profit wildlife educational facility he opened 9 years ago at the back yard of his home. He takes care 6 tigers, 2 mountain ions, 2 bobcats, 2 alligators and 2 baby bears. He love to wake up everyday to look after the animals, feed and play with them.

Among the animals, he look after the two baby bears, Honey and Bruiser. Honey is a Floridian Bear and Bruiser, a Syrian Brown Bear. Carl got them when they were 8 weeks old. He fed them with formula early in the morning and scratching their owner from time to time. The two bears can consume 6 to 8 bottles a day thus, they are 4 months old. Bruiser love to hang out in the waves. Carl play with him which starts around 2:34. Bruiser splash around, chilling on a surfboard.

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